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Game of Drones - FAQ

Game of Drones FAQ

Game of Drones - FAQ imageIf you're not sure what the 'Game of Drones' project is, then read on. You should find answers to most of your questions below. If, there's still something that you'd like to know, then send an email to: sales@soundeffectsanddesign.com 

Q. What is the Game of Drones project? 

A. The Game of Drones is an audio project we started a while back with the aim of giving indie filmmakers and other visual creatives an opportunity to buy professional Cinematic boutique audio tracks for their Horror, Sci-fi or other projects without having to pay fortunes for them.

Q. Are the tracks only for Sci-fi and Horror films?

A. When we started the Game of Drones project we originally started recording the tracks with the Sci-fi and Horror genres in mind, but have since found interest from directors and producers working on projects other than horror and sci-fi. The Game of Drones audio packs are good for documentaries, drama, games, TV, factual, in fact anything you want really, anything your imagination desires.

Q. What's in an Audio Pack (AP)?

A. All Audio Packs consists of these elements:

A master track that we call the full-fat version, also known as V1. A V2 drone has less elements in the mix than the 'full-fat' V1 master version. The V3 drone is yet a different mix from the V1 master drone and the V2 drone. 

All packs come with three minute, one minute and a thirty second long versions for the V1, V2 and V3 mixes of a track. The track 'This Was Not The Climax She Had Expected' comes with only one version of the mix, so no V2 or V3 and comes in one minute and two minute long flavour. 'Climbing The Stairs on KINETIC 9-1-1'  has two verions of the mix, so V1 and a V2 both the two minute and one minute long tracks.

Q. Why are there three versions of a Track?

A. As filmakers ourselves we understand the need to have a "less is more" approach to certain scenes in a film. With the three versions you can be a lot more versatile when adding audio to scenes. It also seemed a great way to give filmmakers value for money.

Q. What file format are the Audio Packs?

A. All tracks were recorded at 24bit 48k and they are mastered as broadcast wav files. In each DP you also get all tracks as a set of MP3 files recorded at 128k so you can easily listen to tracks on your mobile devices.

Q. Why make the tracks two minutes long?

A. The original idea for a two minute drone was to make it easier for directors, editors and filmmakers to add audio to their project without having to mess about looping. Having said that, as we started to mix the tracks, we found that some of the two-minute tracks had what we called an 'organic dynamic'. So, for instance, a track may start with certain elements in the mix but, 20 seconds into that track you may find elements of the track muted or absent.

What we found is that even before you try the V2 or V3 mixes the V1 mix had enough change over a two-minute duration that smart fillmmakers would be able to find two, or maybe three or more, different cues that could be had from one two minute track.

We could have possibly recorded the tracks at only a minute in length, but it didn't seem as challenging or as much fun.

Q. What's the price of the Audio Packs?

A. A single audio pack costs just £21 but you can buy the seven track Horror Vol 1 or the  seven track Sci-fi Vol 1 at the special introductory price £97 

There are three Premium Audio Packs which are priced slightly higher, these packs are:

  1. This Was Not The Climax She Had Expected – £37
  2. Climbing The Stairs On Kinetic 9-1-1 – £47
  3. Well Someone MUST Be Dead After All That! – £57

But you can get to own the Premium Packs for free. If you buy Horror Vol 1 Complete pack you the 'This Was Not The Climax She Had Expected' as a free bonus. If you buy Sci-fi Vol 1 Complete pack you get 'Climbing The Stairs On Kinetic 9-1-1' as a free bonus and when you buy both the Horror and Sci-fi Vol 1 packs you all thee premium packs as a free bonus! Phew . . . . thats cool!

If you want to buy both the Horror Vol 1 and Sci-fi Vol 1 we are offering them at the special price of £197

Q. Do we have to pay royalties for using any of the tracks?

A. No you do not . . . . all tracks in all audio packs are royalty free!

Q. Do you record Drones or Sounbeds to order?

A. Yes we do, if you want an exclusive drone or soundbed for your project then send us an email and we''ll get straight back to you: sales@soundeffectsanddesign.com

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