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Sound Design - Sound Effects & Design

Sound Design

Designing Sound

Star Wars Helmets - Sound Effects & DesignIf you have listened to any of our Game of Drones Horror or Sci-fi Vol 1 you'll hear in there sounds we designed. Sound design is funkin cool, especially if you love a good sci-fi or horror movie as we do.

What is Sound design?

To us Sound design is more the abstract form of audio compared to the more absolute audio form, sound effects. Whilst sound effects give life to objects and actions, sound design is more about mood. But there are times when the lines between sound effects and sound design are blurred and as sound manipulators ourselves we find that a cool place to be.

The most common use of sound design is getting to mangle, manipulate and even destroy audio that is already recorded to enhance in one way or another the a film. This can include both sound effects, dialogue and even the film of movie score itself. 

Sound Design – But are you prepared?

We recently received a glowing review for our Game of Drones project from those nice people over at Sci-fi London. To quote the reviwer, "Having watched hundreds of low-budget films, features and shorts, whether they were submissions to the festival or as part of our 48 Hour Film Challenge, one thing that inevitably lets them down is sound quality". I mean how hard can it be to get your film sounding . . . well, excellent!!

What is the ideal way to prepare sound for your film?

Start early. We here at the SFX towers also write scripts when the time allows and one of the coolest things for us is hearing soundscapes as we write. Is that because we are musicians? Nope, we don't think so, being a musician may help us to manifest the music or sounds we hear in our head, but if your writing or going to direct then you to must have ideas bouncing around inside no?

If your a writer director then teaming up with a composer or sound designer during the late script writing stage seems to us common sense. But we still find filmmakers leaving the audio side to the last minute.

If your serious about your audio then build relationships with good passionate audio creatives. Today the internet makes it so easy to chat, communicate and bounce and share ideas with anyone anywhere. 

Start the audio for your next filmmaking project early and see what a difference it will make.

And if you need some mad, cool, crazy sounds or even something a little more sober sounding then contact us ASAP and we chat. You can email us here: info@soundeffectsanddesign.com or go straight to our contact page here: http://soundeffectsanddesign.com/contact/






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