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Sound Effects

We Love Sound Effects

Sound and recording micTake away a films sound effects and then listen back to the film. You have no film . . . . .? Well maybe not quite true but real filmakers know the value of not only a decent and emotive score or soundtrack but also of great sound effects and sound design. 

And with the abundance of digital technology and the huge growth in sound effects and sound design audio tools and libraries, it's not too hard to get your film sounding a million dollars, even on a budget. But what are sound effects really? Read on to be enlightened.

1) Real World Sound Effects

These are the sounds such as cars driving by or doors creaking and slamming and weapons such as guns and rifles be shot. We have a vast library of sound effects for this section and are library is constantly growing.

2) Atmos Sound Effects

Atmos sound fx are the sounds of a throbbing space ship, the sounds of of haunted house or the background sound on an other worldy planet. These are the type of sounds that you cannot just go out and record in the natural environment but they are the type of sound effect that can be imagined and created so well with the creative use of digital technology.

3) Background Sound Effects

Background sound effects are background sound effects. Background fx can be the hum of a city, the wind rusteling through a forest and voices in the background. You know great background sound effects because you only notice them when you remove them from the film.

Also BG sound effects don’t completely synchronize with your film or documentary.

4) Foley

For most people Foley is the sound of footsteps. But Foley is more than just the sound of leather on concrete or wood because Foley sound effects are the sounds that completely synchronize with your film. Foley can also be the sound of glasses on the dinner table. We generaly treat Foley as the sound enhancement of the real world but at the same time not quite real world sound effects.

Breaking down sound effects into these four catagories should help you be more prepared before you even enter the recording studio.

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