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It's always nice to get feedback on the work you do, especially when starting out building a new company which we at Sound Effects and Deisgn are doing. So, it was with a warm glow in our collective hearts that we read the following about our Game of Drones project Horror and Sci-fi Vol 1. We've posted both reviews in full . . . . .and hope there will be more to follow.


Game of Drones - Horror Vol 1

He Loved The Government Implanted Voices in His Head!

"Having watched hundreds of low-budget films, features and shorts, whether they were submissions to the festival or as part of our 48 Hour Film Challenge, one thing that inevitably lets them down is sound quality.

Surprisingly, for a visual medium, bad sound can ruin a film more than bad visuals, and more often than not, music is the worst culprit, and it is most evident in the film challenge with its high-pressure time constraints.

Composing and recording an appropriate original score, even for a five-minute film, is not easy, and not everyone has access to that sort of talent. Unfortunately, most royalty free library music produced for the genre is either  expensive or bland, generic synthesisers (and sometimes both). 

When we were sent the Game of Drones sound library to review, they caught our eyes, and ears. Firstly the track names conjure up a scenario, but listening to them really stimulates the imagination.

Both the sci-fi and the horror packages are filled with dark and foreboding sounds. There are no light melodies here, but these audio drones will bring life to your ghouls and atmosphere to the darkest regions of outer space.

Apart from the quality and originality of these soundscapes, one thing that sets them apart from other library sounds is each pack comes with three different versions in two-minute, one-minute and 30-second lengths all supplied as broadcast wav files as well as MP3. All the sound packs are recorded in the key of C, so they can be mixed and layered together. They can be bought as individual sound packs, for around £20 each, or as a complete volume, and they are all royalty free and rights cleared so they can be used for any project.

If you are looking for some extraordinary sounds for your film then visit the Sound Effects and Design website, where you can hear examples of all the tracks. They are also offering a special 33% discount code for everyone taking part in the 48 Hour Challenge. Use the code Sci-fi-33 which is valid for everything until April 14".

Sci-Fi-London 2014

Moviescope Magazine

"We were recently sent a review pack of bespoke audio for filmmakers and I must say it didn’t sound that interesting until I read the track titles. With titles such as; The Sound of Cutting Up Bodies Was Actually Rather PleasantZen Buddhists Meditating on The NostromoThe Amplified Sound of Dexter's Aura and She'll  Never Forget The Sound She Heard When They Slit Her Throat How could you not be curious?

For indie filmmakers often the Achilles heel of their film is the music or soundbeds. Enter Sound Effects and Design with their very interesting ‘Game of Drones’ project. 

If you wanted to add expensive sounding audio to your film without the expensive prices then for filmmakers working in the Sci-fi, Horror, Thriller, Noir or experimental genres the Game of Drones project maybe just what you need.

Each audio track comes in what Sound Effects and Design call a ‘Drone Pack’ and what you get in each DP is a two minute long drone or soundbed. Nothing special there but what you also get in each pack are two different mixes called V2 and V3. The V1 mix being the original Full Fat mix. With the inclusion V2 and V3 start to make the Drone Packs excellent value for the money as you get slimmer versions of the original mix which is a great way to build up the tension in your film. 

But here’s where SE&D have gone the extra mile.

Most of the audio was recorded in the key of C and if your not sure what that means it means this. Lets say you buy more than one Drone Pack, and you will want to, because each of the audio tracks is in the same key you can layer tracks together or as they say you can mix and match without the tracks sounding out of tune. This is a simple but clever idea. 

And it doesn’t stop there as in each DP you also get three one minute and three 30 second audio tracks one each of the V1, V2 and V3 mixes. This I am told is so filmmakers can get up and running really quickly with adding audio to a project. The icing on these already flexible DP’s is the inclusion of MP3 files of the three two minute, one minute and the three 30 second tracks!

The tracks are all recorded as 24bit 48k broadcast wav files and the other important thing to note is the tracks are royalty free! 

Now to the question on most people’s lips is, how much do they cost? Each Drone Pack costs £21 ($33 approx) which work out at roughly £7 ($11 approx) per two minute track.

The Guys at Sound Effects and Design are budding filmmakers themselves and they have obviously thought about filmmakers when putting this project together. The attention to detail is way different to most types of library music.

The first thing that make the Game of Drones a brilliant buy for any wise filmmaker is the audio quality and the moods within each audio pack. Someone at SE&D is sick because these tracks drip with mood, menace and off planet madness, add these to your film and your film will sound expensive.

I’m impressed with the Game of Drones and would not hesitate in recommending them to any filmmaker with the words Buy Now! For the money it’s a steal. If you 

want to hear some of the tracks from the Game of Drones project then head over to the Sound Effects and Design website at: http://soundeffectsanddesign.com/game-of-drones/

Sound Effects and Design are also giving away two free Audio Packs over the next few weeks to celebrate the project going live".

Moviescope Magazine 2014


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    posted on Apr 15, 2014 at 3:32 PM

    Well done Foley. Look forward to hearing our little ident. Nice. Dee Luxe

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