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Sci-fi Vol 1

Sci-Fi Vol 1

Welcome to the purchase page for the limited edition Game of Drones Sci-fi Vol 1 Cinematic audio soundscapes collection. 

Below are demos of the seven audio packs that make up the Sci-fi Vol 1 Cinematic audio collection, for you to try before you buyIn each of the audio packs you buy you'll receive three versions of the track in two-minute, one-minute and thirty-second lengths. You will also find a full set of the audio tracks as MP3s.

These Sci-fi Vol 1 Cinematic Audio packs costs from £10 – £47. If you have a promo code then enter the code when prompted to get your discount.

Complete Packs

The complete Sci-fi Vol 1 audio pack costs £47 and contains all seven audio packs that make up Sci-fi Vol 1. When you buy a Sci-fi complete pack you'll also get the 'Climbing The Stairs On Kinetic 9-1-1' audio pack as a free bonus track. You can get all eight Sci-fi packs for £47 instead of the combined price of £70 For a limited time only.

Got questions about the Game of Drones Cinematic audio project then read more on our FAQ page here: http://soundeffectsanddesign.com/game-of-drones/faq/

DOWNLOAD INFO:  RAR Files - A RAR file is a compressed file, like a zip file. To get access to the contents in a RAR or zip file you will need a small utility. If you're on a PC then Windows usually has this utiliity built in - if not, you can download the free Winrar here: Winrar

For Mac OS X users you need to download Stuffit expander, which is a free utility that opens .rar files. Once you have installed Stuffit expander on your Mac, double click the .rar file and your file will open. To get Stuffit expander go here: Stuffit expander

Do not use other utilities to expand your files unless you know what you're doing, as they may give errors.

1) A Note From The Runner From Blade

Buy Now – £10   

2) He Loved The Government Implanted Voices In His Head

Buy Now – £10   

3) He Really Believed He Was Abducted In The 1950's

Buy Now – £10    

4) Ripley's Nightmares Were Bad, They Were About Riddick!

Buy Now – £10    

5) Sleeping In A Cryotube Was Never Gonna Be Easy

Buy Now – £10    

6) Sonic Droids and Monsters On The Vulcan Wetlands

Buy Now – £10    

7) The Sound of an Old Inter Dimensional Travelling Machine

Buy Now – £10    

8) Climbing The Stairs On KINETIC 9-1-1 

Buy this track individually or get it as a Free Bonus track when you buy the Sci-fi Vol 1 complete pack. 

Buy Now – £10    

10) Sci-fi Vol 1 – All Pack

Sci Fi Vol 1 All - Sound FX & Design

The Sci-fi Vol 1 All pack contains all seven tracks that make up Vol 1 and also includes the Free bonus track Climbing The Stairs On KINETIC 9-1-1 

Buy Now – £47    




Horror & Sci Fi Vol 1 AllThis is the 'Kahuna Burger' The "One pack to rule them all". Get yourself sounding a million dollars for the grand sum of £89 

Contains all fourteen Sci-fi and Horror Vol 1 audio packs and you get all the following packs: 'Climbing the Stairs on KINETIC 9-1-1'That Was Not The Climax She Had Expected' and the excellent 'Well Someone MUST Be Dead After All That!' All as Free Bonus packs.

Buy Now – £89     


Please note:

  • That all tracks are sold in limited numbers. If you click the 'Add to Cart' button and you get a 'Not Available' page then that pack has sold out.
  • To ensure the you get the best download speed and service we are utilising the Amazon S3 cloud servers where we have all our audio files stored. Amazon S3 download speeds are excellent, but if you have any tech issues then email the team at: 

Please read the EULA (End User Licence Agreement) before purchasing and using any audio packs.


  1. by James Lincon
    posted on Mar 23, 2014 at 9:49 PM

    Love the site and love the sounds . . .awesome! Thanks guys going to buy everything

  2. by Steve Mcqueen
    posted on Mar 23, 2014 at 9:52 PM

    WOW! insane, beautifully insane. 

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